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Training and Competencies Development
Our Aim is to connect the students and employees of the PAN India level with the right set of Values & Capabilities to whom we can deliver our 20+ years experience on time and every time to make good foundation and to achieve their desire career goals. As a part of it we offer the following Trainings:

1.1 – Pre-employment Training:

Pre Employment training is an employment strategy that provides students with real work life experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability for quick and excellent career startup. In this Training programs we are targeting to bridge the gap between Current Industry requirement and Students academic knowledge. In this training strategies we are providing career awareness, career exploration opportunities, career planning activities and help students to develop positive work attitude, Industries requirements and other employable skills It is a series of courses which integrate the school or university curriculum with the workplace to create a different learning Pattern.

1.2 – Core Competencies Development:
In this training we are providing competency-based practices in learning and development Focusing learning on the core competencies needed for success in the job and organization. Providing the framework for identifying learning options/curriculum/programs to meet employee and organizational needs Providing training and developing core competencies to improve employee performance and capabilities Supporting effective forecasting of organizational as well as project-related learning requirements Providing solutions for determining how well learning has occurred, both at the individual and organizational level

1.3 - Specialized Trainings:
In addition to the basic trainings, we are providing specialized trainings which is required and need to continue training beyond initial qualifications: to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life and key competency of your working area. This Specialized Training has specific goals of improving one’s Capability, Capacity, Productivity and Performance.
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